Emma Raventos


“Play Outside on Sunny Days” Shigeru Miyamoto

In my Happy Place

In my Happy Place


A little about me…

Whilst studying Social Anthropology at the University of St Andrews I taught myself graphic design. I made posters, social media campaigns, websites, illustrations, took photographs and joined as many creative projects as possible.

This portfolio of work allowed me to pursue my passion for design at work. Whilst collaborating with the SPB TV team on a 360 Streaming project for the Mobile World Congress I tried VR for the first time and it blew me away.

Since then I’ve been trying to build up skills which will allow me to participate in the exciting world of Interactive Experiences and Video Games.

Outside of work I’ve run five marathons and am a Mezzosoprano at a Palette Orchestra in Barcelona.

PS: Everything I have been lucky enough to do and see in my life is thanks to the supportive and encouraging environment created by my family, friends and Peter my PC.